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SHOCKING – This Man Lost His Thumb Because Of Candy Crush Addiction


SHOCKING – This Man Lost His Thumb Because Of Candy Crush Addiction

The very famous and one of the most played android games has gained much popularity among android and Windows phone users. What deserves a mention that it has surprisingly reached its height of addiction leaving a man’s thumb critically injured. Naturally enough, it may sound quite strange but indeed is true.

A 29 years old American guy ruptured the tendon of his finger playing this addictive game continuously for over a month. The pain is intolerable but the man did not feel it at the time of playing the game and it has surely left the doctors surprised. This case turned out to be a different one where pain was overcome by addiction. Video games are said to act as digital painkiller in this case by the doctors who treated him.

The man went to the doctor with the injured left thumb and told them that he had been playing Candy Crush for 6 weeks. Magnetic resonance imaging confirmed tendon rupture resulting in difficulty to move the thumb. This man was found to rupture the thickest portion of the tendon that results in pain prior to the rupture. This man informed that he did not feel any pain while playing the game which may be because of the natural painkillers released in the body due to pleasure and excitement.


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