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Shocking Video – Drunk Man Dies in Horse Race Accident


Shocking Video – Drunk Man Dies in Horse Race Accident

Shocking Video – Drunk Man Dies in Horse Race Accident

In a village Jalalpur, (at Raibag, district: Belgaum, Karnataka) Goddess Taibai yatra is carried on every year in the month of August.
Every year on this occasion, various cultural activities (such as wrestling, cycling, bullock cart race and horse race etc. ) are carried on.
Horse race( 8 kms long race) is very famous. Here, people from various regions of Belgaum participate in this event. There are various cash price offerings.

Horse race
1st Place Rs. 50K.
2nd Place Rs. 40K.
3rd Place Rs. 25K.
In villages, People drink alchol on occasion of festival and yatra. Most of them are farmers and uneducated people. They are not aware of the side effects of drinking.
They don’t care about their health and life. They go crazy during festivals and yatras. Final result is a peron’s death.

This year, on 8th August, 2014, this horse race took place at Jalalpur. But, unfortunately, very bad event took place.
A person from Chinchali (near Raibag) was one among the audience. He was full alchol drunk and was watching this event. He was really behaving oddly in the public.
He was hit by the horse cart 3 times successively. Some of the near audience took him aside of the road. He was seriously injured on head.
He was rushed to hospital by the local people. But, on the way, he passed away.

Imagine, if he would not have drunk. He would have surely enjoyed this event and would have been present with us today.
He would have not lost his life.

Stop drinking and use this money for eating some healthy food and vegetables. Save your life and others life.
Your family wants you. Care for your family.

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