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Shop Owner Says, “Rs 50K Cash Back If You Get COVID-19 Within 24 Hrs Of Shopping”, Inquiry Ordered


Shop Owner Says, “Rs 50K Cash Back If You Get COVID-19 Within 24 Hrs Of Shopping”, Inquiry Ordered

The coronavirus pandemic in India is still not under control as the number of COVID-19 positive patients is on the rise. Although the central government and the state governments are leaving no stone unturned in making attempts to control the situation, there are some people who are behaving very irresponsibly in this critical phase.

The number of coronavirus positive patients in the Indian state of Kerala is about to touch the 50K mark while the number of people who have lost their lives to the disease is 175. Despite the fact that the situation is so bad, an electronics shop owner has come up with a strange offer for its customers in order to increase the sales.

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In the advertisement, the customers were offered cash back of Rs. 50K without GST on any purchase if they visit the shop and get COVID-19 infected within 24 hours. The advertisement was published not only in print media but in electronic and digital media as well and the offer was valid from Aug 15 till Aug 30. Soon after the ad was published, many people started visiting the shop without fearing that they can get infected.

A lawyer from Pala Municipality, Kottayam, saw the ad and decided to alert the state government. He wrote a letter to the Chief Minister Office and asked them to take an action against this illegal offer. He also wrote that such offer may prompt the COVID-19 positive patients to visit the shop which will further increase the number of patients in the state. After this, the state machinery and the police department swung into action, the shutters of the shop were brought down and an inquiry into the matter had also been ordered.

If we talk about the whole country, the number of coronavirus positive patients is 2.77 million while more than 52K lives have been lost. In such a situation, people should behave in a mature manner and help the government in curbing the pandemic rather than doing such deeds which can further make situation worse.

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