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Shows You Must Watch If You Are A Psychology Fan

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Shows You Must Watch If You Are A Psychology Fan

Psychology, it is something related to unraveling the mysteries that our mind holds. It is a study about how brain works, why it does what it does and how we can control it.

Understanding about the most important part of our brain is something which everyone is not very fond off but should be. Still, there are people who love to just know about how things work inside.

How just saying something can trigger various unexpected actions. Well, if you are a psychology geek, here is a list of shows on psychology that will definitely entice you and will send chills down your spine. These are some must watch:

1) Mindhunter

This is a series based on criminal psychology. Two FBI officers, Holden Ford and Bill Tench interview a number of criminals and try and unravel what goes on in their mind, to discover why they do what they do.

They try to understand the psychology behind a criminal’s motive and in process protect such future occurrences.

2) Dark

Well, you will need some heart to watch this. The show is set in a German town where something supernatural occurs (no spoilers) which leads to disappearance of two young children.

The events that followed are the rifts between families living which in turn expose some really “DARK” secrets of that town.

3) I am a Killer


This is definitely the one to watch for all psychology geeks. Criminals in a prison reflect back on how and why they committed a murder; we get to listen to their side of the story.

It indeed is a very different and true perspective. The show displays how different events are interpreted by everyone’s mind.

4) Take Your Pills

It is more of a documentary than a show. It shows people crumbling under the stress of life and finally falling to the trap of doing drugs.

They all analyze their lifestyle; why are they doing drugs? How is it affecting them? What will be the side effects? What initially led them to take such a step?

A must watch show.

5) Hannibal

Another show that revolves around a murdered and the psychology behind it, Hannibal is a show that any psychology lover would definitely enjoy. It is a show that depicts how a person does actually becomes a murderer?

It challenges your mind to think about things that you don’t want to but you should.

6) Alienist

A fast paced show with twist and turns in every episode, Alienist is a mind boggling show. The plotline revolved around a Newspaper Journalist meeting a criminal psychologist to investigate a serial killer.

The show cast includes some great actors who perform their role to perfection.

7) Sense 8

Another Netflix show that shows the deeper meaning of how things work in our mind. The storyline of the show is about 8 kids, all from different part of world, who somehow discover that they can connect with each other.

They gather to find out about the secrets and mystery that life holds but ends up facing a lot of trouble. You don’t want to miss out on this one.

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