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What Does You Sleeping Position Says About You?

What Does You Sleeping Position Says About You? RVCJ Media


What Does You Sleeping Position Says About You?

Just like what you eat, what you drink describe your personality, even your sleeping position can say alot about you, your behavior and your personality. Have a look at what your sleeping position has to say about you

1. Yearner

This is a sleeping position on one side with arms stretched out in front. Usually people following this pattern of sleeping are known to be friendly and good to people. They love inviting people but sometime are suspicious about them.



2. Fatel position

Fatel position are people who sleeps on their side with their legs curled up. People who sleep this way are known to be tough from outside but are good to heart and sometime can be shy by nature.


3. Log

This sleeping style has people lying on their sides as well, but with their legs extended straight and arms by their sides. They are people to be trusted the most.


4. Soldier

Solider position are followed by people who sleeps on their back with their arms straight down at their side. These people are very goal oriented and take themselves very seriously. They are straight and serious by nature.


5. Free fall

Free fall people usually sleep in any direction and prefer to fall over their stomach. Such kind of people carry a high spirit outside but are shy from inside.


6. Star fish

Sleepers in this style lie on their backs with their legs stretched out, and their arms stretch up by their head. They are people who prefer to solve other’s problem and are very loyal towards friends.


7. Pillow huggers

They tend to be people-pleasers, and may attempt to help others instead of themselves on occasion.


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