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Someone Asked This Boy If He’ll Marry A Non-Virgin Girl! His Reply Won Hearts & Earned Respect


Someone Asked This Boy If He’ll Marry A Non-Virgin Girl! His Reply Won Hearts & Earned Respect

Stereotype is something that can destroy a person’s life even without letting him know that. And I am not just saying it for the person who is at the receiving end but also for the one who is using it. The more he uses it, bigger is his misconception with deeper roots of worthless self-confidence.

Our society’s view on the word like ‘S*X’ is just absurd. No one allows us to use it. Not even ‘GOOGLE ADSENSE’ and that’s the reason why I had to cut out the word on our website. When the word itself is left so isolated, I wonder how would a person feel if he or she does it and by some means society gets to know about it.

Recently I went through this Facebook post, where a guy posted this screenshot of his Whatsapp conversation. He was asked about his choice of marrying a NONVIRGIN girl. Now what made me salute him was his apt and honest reply, something we all need to read. Have a look at it.

Source – Shorya Nigam Facebook Account

RVCJ Team salutes the mentality and pure heart of Shorya Nigam and many other people like him who believes that a girl does not necessarily has to be a virgin if you want to marry her. It’s the love that is important and not the state of her body.

Wasn’t he right fellas? Does the virginity of a girl or more over any person really matters when you are completely in love with him/her? Isn’t that too shameful on our part to start measuring the character of the person just on the basis of his/her virginity? These are the questions that we all need to think with a clear and unbiased mind, but sadly, nobody cares since it’s easier for them to just tag a girl as a characterless person without knowing her side of the story.

Now it is not important as to why she is not a virgin, the thing that matters the most is her HONESTY. The honesty with which she told you the truth. This is something that nowadays is very rare to see. People freak out when they get to know about their partner’s past physical relationships with their ex, but sadly they fail to understand the very strong fact that their partners had given in everything when they were in love with that person. And now it’s them who are at that same place and hence, their partner’s love for them would be the same.

Our society has hyped the word ‘VIRGIN’ in a very shady manner and its brunt is now being paid by many people. People need to understand that it’s just the state of body which hardly creates any impact between the love that the two souls share with each other. Please share your views about this subject and share this article so that a few sensible minds in our society seek for a CHANGE ! !

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