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Someone Reported About Fight Between Abhi & Ash. His Reply Made Them Delete Tweet

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Someone Reported About Fight Between Abhi & Ash. His Reply Made Them Delete Tweet

These days, most of the media houses tend to fabricate stories so as to garner attention & get clicks. They use flashy headlines and misleading titles which further contribute towards making the story appear “TRUE”.

Something similar happened with Abhishek Bachchan today. He returned to Mumbai with Ash & Aaradhya after an exotic London vacation but something strange happened at the airport.

A casual video is doing rounds of the internet, in which we can see Ash holding Aaradhya’s hand & not letting Abhishek hold it. It might be a very normal conversation, but some media outlets went way too ahead with their reporting.

India Forums, a leading media house, reported a story about a big fight between Aishwarya and Abhishek, which is why she didn’t let him hold Aaradhya’s hand. Not only this, but even other channels posted videos of the big clash between the two.
India Forums even tweeted the link of the story;

As soon as Abhishek noticed this tweet, he shut them down with his reply. The actor’s response was indeed very sensible & it made India Forums delete the tweet. Here’s what Abhishek said;

His tweet read, “With due respect. Please refrain from making up false stories. I understand the need to continously post, but would really appreciate it if you could do so responsibly and without mischievous intent. Thank you.”

Abhishek’s reply was enough to make them realize their mistake. Hope media houses resort to authentic reporting & not use such tactics to fool readers.

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