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Someone Took A Dig At Twinkle, Akshay & Modi! Twinkle Shut That Troll Like A Boss & Got Applauds!

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Someone Took A Dig At Twinkle, Akshay & Modi! Twinkle Shut That Troll Like A Boss & Got Applauds!

Akshay Kumar recently met Narendra Modi and shared a picture of the meeting through his Social Media accounts. In the picture, he is seen sitting with the PM while both of them have a smile on their face. Akshay wrote –

“Met PM @narendramodi and got the opportunity to tell him about my upcoming ‘Toilet-Ek Prem Katha.’ His smile at just the title made my day!”

While many admired the meeting of Bollywood Superstar Akshay & Indian PM Narendra Modi, some called it promotions of his upcoming film. Also, there were few who didn’t like it at all.

A Twitter handle named India Explained tried to roast both Akshay and his wife Twinkle for this.

Here’s what it posted while taking a dig on the couple –

“Kind of cute how Twinkle Khanna writes ‘progressive’ fluff pieces in ToI while Akshayji dances with Pogrom Modi. Indian elites in nutshell”

This was a sarcastic dig on Twinkle Khanna’s columns published in a leading daily. The handle termed the columns of Twinkle as “progressive fluff pieces” which means a write up that is supposed to be progressive and hard hitting but is actually far from that.

In the same tweet, it took a dig on Akshay and even Narendra Modi by comparing the meeting with dance and calling the PM a pogrom which means a violent riot aimed at the massacre or persecution of a religious group.

Not just that, the tweet also pointed out the difference in thoughts of both Twinkle and Akshay as a couple.

But, Twinkle Khanna is not someone who takes social media bullshit, so she decided to answer. Here’s how she replied –

“Better than a regressive tweet like this that calls ‘progressive’ pieces fluff and believes that marriage means sharing the same ideologies”

Now that’s how we shut up a troller. Isn’t it?

Checkout how people reacted to the whole matter –







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