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Someone Tried To Troll Arjun Kapoor & Called Him Molester. Arjun Shut Him Like A Boss

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Someone Tried To Troll Arjun Kapoor & Called Him Molester. Arjun Shut Him Like A Boss

Trolling a celebrity on social media for getting momentary fame and attention of people is definitely a cheap antic that ultimately brings criticism on the hater’s part and makes him an object of mockery; right? Right!

A netizen tried to troll Arjun Kapoor by calling him a molester but the way he dealt with him deserves to be applauded.

Arjun Kapoor has the image of a responsible family man who stood like a pillar with his father Boney Kapoor and half-sisters Janhvi and Khushi when they needed him the most and proved that he is the best son and brother.

He not only gave them emotional support but also protected his sisters whenever someone tried to target them with their creepy comments online. Considering this, it’s highly impossible that he lets a troller who makes unpleasant remarks about him go without giving him a befitting reply.

It so happened that Parineeti Chopra shared a song promo from her upcoming movie “Namaste England” that also stars Arjun in the male lead.

She posted it on Twitter with caption, “How deep is your love? #TereLiye out tomorrow.”

A Twitter user made an attempt of mocking Arjun and wrote, “Is it only me or arjun kapoor looks like a molester in the pic.”

We all know that molester is a term that is not at all appropriate to be used lightly. His comment naturally made Arjun furious but he handled the troller in the most epic way.

Arjun replied, “When terms like this are used lightly it signifies lack of basic human understanding of the how big a deal it is to make sure we don’t take women’s safety lightly or as a joke.”

Twitterati slammed the troller for his nasty tweet and asked Arjun not to give a damn to such people. After facing backlash on Twitter, the troller deleted his tweet.

Check out some selected tweets:












Well, Arjun pretty well knows how to handle trolls gracefully. Agree?

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