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Sona Mohapatra Posts A Strong FB Post For Kangana! Asks Her To Stop Publicity For Film Promotion

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Sona Mohapatra Posts A Strong FB Post For Kangana! Asks Her To Stop Publicity For Film Promotion

Among the list of strong ladies we’ve in Bollywood, Sona Mohapatra is a big name. Whenever there’s a need she makes sure to voice her opinion and for this, she has sometimes faced the brunt of trolls too.

The “Ambarsariya” singer has recently put out her opinion on the infamous Hrithik & Kangana controversy. However, surprisingly Sona who has always supported Kangana has an advice for her this time instead of support.

Sona Mohapatra in her latest Facebook post gave an advice to Kangana to not use the matter between her and Hrithik for the promotions of her upcoming film Simran. Here’s what she posted-

Dear Kangana, I have always cheered loudly, in private & in public for you. Long, long before you turned queen et all but your current run across the airwaves regurgitating personal details of your love life over & over again, washing dirty linen in public & more so as part of a professional PR campaign before your film release is in bad taste. No two ways about it. Also, it does a big dis-service to the cause of feminism & fair play. Wish you well & wish you would rise above this muck & make your point through actions & your work. Your success doesn’t need this tabloid trail. Your well thought out & superbly worded open letters of the past, fearless interviews addressing larger issues, taking a stand, taking legal recourse are welcome. The current ‘circus’, not.

This is just another opinion in the public domain from one working woman to another, from the heart & on an impulse. There is no PR machinery or team guiding me here.

I do believe that there are plenty of feminists in the opposite gender. Men who cheer the cause of outspoken, feisty, fierce & hard working women like you & me. We don’t ‘need’ them as such but let’s not forget them & also the thousands of amazing women who fight the good fight on a daily basis with dignity .
Life might not have been easy but you are in a great place now. More so to influence positive change. That is worthy of a daily celebration.

Also, today is Onam, a thanksgiving festival in the South. The mythology surrounding the festival is significant – it emphasizes the Hindu belief in the cyclical nature of events, that no individual, no ruler and nothing lasts forever, except the virtues and self-understanding that overcomes all sorrow.
So, Happy Onam.

Big love & healing to you.
(P.S To the so called ‘journos’ hankering after this masala & asking those thaka hua questions. 🤧)

What do you think of this? Is Kangana really doing all this for the sake of her film promotion?

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