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Sonu Nigam And Sona Mohapatra Are Fighting Over Anu Malik. It’s Getting Dirty

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Sonu Nigam And Sona Mohapatra Are Fighting Over Anu Malik. It’s Getting Dirty

Sonu Nigam has hit the trending charts again. Not for his music, but for his statements. The extremely talented singer made comments on two topics which have brought him in the controversies yet again.

First of all, commenting on the current music industry culture he said that sometimes he wishes he was from Pakistan and that way he would’ve surely got work in the Indian music industry.

The comment created controversy and he later clarified on Facebook. He wrote-

Sometimes in an attempt to make headlines catchy and sensational, some journalists miss the real content. Yesterday’s Aajtak Summit happened so amazing, and look what have they reduced it to… My point about being better off being born in Pakistan was about the music companies in India asking Indian singers to pay 40-50% of their concerts remunerations to them, and only then they’ll work with those artistes.. but they don’t ask the same from the singers from abroad, namely Pakistan..! This was the important point I made… and these guys…! Changed it to “‘I would have been better off born in Pakistan I’d have work come my way.. ” What do I say. PATHETIC 🙏

Sonu Nigam also hit the headlines for defending Anu Malik in the #MeToo allegations. Making his point in the issue, he asked that how can someone allege somebody and people can take his and his families bread and butte. Sonu said that until there is no proof, people should not judge and punish anybody.

This statement of Sonu irked female singer Sona Mohapatra who slammed him through back to back tweets. Have a look at Sona’s reaction to Sonu’s statements-

So much sympathy for a millionaire losing work? So much empathy for his privileged family being ‘tortured’?How about the scores of girls & women he tortured?Multiple testimonies not proof enough?
“Sonu Nigam backs Anu Malik on #MeToo: Where is the proof?”

1)Not 1 but possibly 💯+ women & MEN can attest to Anu Malik’s deplorable abusive behaviour.
2)I guess Mr. Sonu Nigam expects all these women/underage girls to – a)strap recording devices b)carry spy cams,other proof gathering devices cus they have much to benefit defaming him?

Are Arijeet Singh, Badshah,Vishal Dadlani from Pakistan though? 🤔
(U’ve had your moment under the sun dear. India anoints a new ‘Male Super Star’ every 3/4/5 years without fail. Don’t blame the Pakistani artists. Also do not mix up Art & Music with Politics & Idealogy. 🎶🙏🏽🔴)

I always found Sonu Nigam to be brighter than most of his peers, intelligent, so talented, excellent at his craft & yes, kind too. Feel so let down hearing him talk like this & choose the dark side to side up with. I’m hoping he realises how sad this is. 🙏🏽🔴

Sonu Nigam decided to reply Sona’s statements and said the lady vomiting on Twitter is the wife of someone who he considers very close to him. He stated that while she has forgotten the relationship, he will maintain the decorum.

Sona got irked again and this time because, Sonu used the term “wife” for her. She said –

So, now, my identity has become ‘wife’. Not only does your reporter refer to me as that, so does the defender of a serial sexual predator. Big hurray for the boys club & big hurrah to patriarchy, not. 🤘🏾🔴

Dear Sonu Nigam,
I wont call you someone’s son, husband or father & also have a detailed reply to your defense of a serial predator & accused in the #MeToo movement. My open letter Part 1. 👇🏽 Part 2 will respond to your complains about music labels

I hope…

Now that’s getting pretty intense..

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