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SRK Held Virat’s Swayamwar During IPL & You Need To See Whom Kohli Chose As His Would-Be Bride

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SRK Held Virat’s Swayamwar During IPL & You Need To See Whom Kohli Chose As His Would-Be Bride

Bollywood’s King Khan is surely a witty person who knows how to reveal anyone’s best-kept secrets in the most amazing, funny and of course filmy manner. He pulled leg of Indian skipper Virat Kohli during IPL 2014 opening ceremony by disclosing his love life on national TV.

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma dated each other for a long time prior to their marriage and even though they made public appearances together, the couple never openly accepted their relationship. In fact, their marriage itself was a secret affair as the duo went to Italy to tie the knot in presence of merely family members and close friends.

However, Shah Rukh Khan spilled the beans on their relationship much before their marriage and the way Kohli blushed at that time clearly gave an idea that love was in the air.

This all happened during IPL season 7 opening ceremony when SRK organised Swayamwar and firstly he called RCB skipper Virat Kohli to choose his life partner.

He showed him portraits of several girls and when Virat rejected them all, he displayed the last portrait. Can you guess whose pic was it?

It was none other than Anushka Sharma and you just can’t miss to see how Kohli blushed after seeing it.

When SRK saw the portrait, he said,

“Oh this is Anushka Sharma. Let’s just leave her as you have got nothing to do with her.”

To this, Virat Kohli blushed and said,

“Kya kar rahe ho yaar (What are you doing?)”

Then he made Virat choose one girl out of all the available choice through the process of random selection. Even in that, Virat chose Anushka finally!

The ice of the cake was the moment when SRK made Kohli wear the portrait of Anushka just like a garland.

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Aww that’s so lovely and romantic! We wonder how Anushka had reacted to it!

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