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After Storming The Telecom, Broadband & Smartphone Market, Jio To Enter The Car Segment


After Storming The Telecom, Broadband & Smartphone Market, Jio To Enter The Car Segment

As strange/funny as it may sound, Reliance Jio is indeed helping Salman Khan for his driving lessons. Automobile Telematics is a technology where a person can monitor his car and kind of control some of its functionality like switching on an A.C to immobilizing his car in case of a theft. Mukesh Ambani is planning to enter into this industry with the launch of a device that will control vehicle’s movement and monitor its statistics.

The device will only work with Reliance Jio connection and will serve a number of purpose like immobilizing car during a theft, alert owner about car movement, locate the car and also provide wi-fi within the car itself. The rumors of such new features have been leaking into the market through reliable sources from the company itself.

However, the price of the device has not yet been decided, but according to the leaks, the price will around the Jio-Fi device, i.e around Rs 2000. With the help of this device the owner of the car can fetch the information about how well the driver is handling his car, the movement of the car can be restricted within a geographical boundary and brakes can be remotely applied. Although the software will be developed by JIO itself but the hardware for the device will be imported from China, something not so ‘Make In India’ kind of thing.

However, the company has also asked its hardware device vendor to start manufacturing the device in India after the initial roll outs. Apart from this Automobile Telematics, Reliance Jio is also stretching its horizon into the field of broadband internet service by scaling up its fiber to the home project for which it is running pilot in some cities including Delhi and Mumbai.

So what do you think about Reliance Jio’s endless ambitious projects? Aren’t they amazing and taking India to the next level in the field of technology. Please share your opinion in the comment section below.

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