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Sunil Chhetri Overjoyed To See Response. Tweets This For All Fans


Sunil Chhetri Overjoyed To See Response. Tweets This For All Fans

Sunil Chhetri, you rock man! The way he entertained the jam-packed stadium today was truly commendable.

On 2nd of June, a video had went viral in which Chhetri was seen appealing to all Indians to support them in the tournament by at least cheering for them.

The captain even said that even if people wish to criticize the team, they are welcome! Many celebrities and sportspersons came out in support of him and made the same appeal. However, that 1 video proved to be MIRACULOUS.

Today, the stands were full and all tickets were sold out. There were chants of “Chhetri Chhetri” all over; in fact, the sound was louder than that of a cricket stadium.

Chhetri too didn’t let the crowd down. He scored 2 amazing goals and gave them a treat.

After seeing such a stupendous response, Chhetri was overjoyed. He couldn’t resist himself from tweeting a “THANK YOU” message. Here’s what emotional Chhetri tweeted;

“We promise you that if that’s the kind of support we get every time we play for the country, we will give our lives on the pitch. India, this night was special because we were in this together. Those in the stands shouting, and the ones at home cheering – thank you!”

We are proud of you Sunil Chhetri. You rocked the ground today and expect the same from you always.

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