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“Symonds & Franklin Tied My Hands & Legs, Taped My Mouth & Forgot About Me,” Reveals Chahal


“Symonds & Franklin Tied My Hands & Legs, Taped My Mouth & Forgot About Me,” Reveals Chahal

The Indian cricket world and cricket fans are literally in a state of shock after Yuzvendra Chahal and Robin Uthappa made some shocking revelations in the past couple of days. What has left people more annoyed is the fact that both the incidents have taken place in the IPL franchise Mumbai Indians which has won 5 IPL titles till date and has been represented by the legendary former Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar in the past.

While Robin Uthappa was bullied by someone whose name he didn’t disclose, what was experienced by Yuzi was traumatic. In a chat with Ravichandran Ashwin, Robin Uthappa who is playing for Chennai Super Kings in this season revealed that this incident happened just one month before IPL 2009. As per Uthappa, he was one of the first players along with Manish Pandey and Zaheer Khan to get transferred to other teams but as he didn’t want to leave MI, he was bullied by someone who told him that if he didn’t sign the transfer papers, he would not be in the playing XI of MI. Eventually, Uthappa signed the transfer papers and as he was going through something in personal life at that time, it transformed into depression when he was in Royal Challengers Bangalore.

On the other hand, in a video posted by Rajasthan Royals recently, Yuzi talked about an incident which happened in 2013. Though he did not disclose the name of that player, he told that the player was very drunk and he hung him from the 15th floor balcony and Chahal might have lost his life if he had not held that player’s neck strongly. He further stated that luckily other people came, handled the situation in a proper manner and saved him.

However, this was not the first time that Yuzi faced such a situation, earlier in a podcast interview he revealed one more horrifying incident which happened with him. He stated in 2011, they were in a hotel in Chennai after winning the Champions League and he was with Andrew Symonds and James Franklin. Yuzi said that Symonds and Franklin had drunk a lot of fruit juice after which they both tied his hands and legs and told him to untie himself. He further said that they were under so much influence of that fruit juice that they also taped his mouth. The party got over but they didn’t untie Yuzi as they forgot about the Indian spinner. Eventually he got free when a cleaner came in the morning and freed him.

The podcast interviewer asked Chahal whether Symonds and Franklin apologized to him in the morning, in response Chahal told that they didn’t apologize but they said that when they drink too much of juice, they are not able to handle it and they don’t even remember anything.

Many former Indian cricketers including Virender Sehwag and Ravi Shastri have reacted strongly to the revelations made by Yuzi and stated that the name of that drunken player should be revealed and an action should be taken against him because what happened with Chahal is not at all funny.

Though Andrew Symonds was involved in such a bad incident with Yuzi, the Indian spinner has stated many times that he and Symonds are very good friends now, they both go fishing when Chahal visits Australia and Symonds’ wife has also learnt how to cook Butter Chicken for him.

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