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Take A Look At The Smallest SIX In The History Of Cricket

smallest six


Take A Look At The Smallest SIX In The History Of Cricket

You would have watched many batsmen hitting sixes which lands out of the stadium probably hitting cars in parking lot. Also, there have been many competitions where a player gets an handsome reward for hitting the biggest six of the match. But no one considers or remembers anyone who hits the smallest six of the match.

But here is a different story where a batsman scored SIX runs just by sweeping with minimal effort and it happened during an ODI match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka where just a flick of wrist fetched Pakistani batsman SIX runs. To be mentioned, this was the first SIX of the match as analysed by the commentators.

You’ve got to watch this video which showcases this minimal effort in hitting the smallest six

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You can watch the video directly on YouTube by clicking here.

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