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Tamil Nadu Couple Gets LPG Cylinder, Petrol & Onions As Wedding Gifts, Twitter Goes Crazy


Tamil Nadu Couple Gets LPG Cylinder, Petrol & Onions As Wedding Gifts, Twitter Goes Crazy

Marriage is one of the most beautiful, precious and special moments of a couple’s life as they are going to start a new phase and it is also true that relatives and friends play a significant role in their journey. While couples love to make their loved ones a part of their most important moment, guests also ensure that they make the couple feel special by gifting some really great and wonderful presents. Mostly the couples are gifted with bed sheets, dinner sets, blankets, jewelry, cash, etc. on the occasion of their marriage but a couple from Tamil Nadu was gifted with very unusual yet useful gifts by their relatives on their big day.

A video is going viral in which the relatives of a couple were seen gifting them items of daily use, such as petrol, LPG cylinder and onions. In this video, the relatives can be seen gifting a can filled with petrol, a gas cylinder and garland of onions to the couple. The couple also showed love for their relatives and their gifts by sporting the onion garlands and posing for camera with their relatives and gifts.

Here is the video:

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There is no denying the fact that these are the items which everyone needs and in the present scenario, they are pretty costly as well. The price of petrol has reached Rs. 100 per liter in some regions of the country, the price of cooking gas cylinder is also on the rise for the past few months and onions were already making people cry with their price. So it can be said that the relatives of the couple are quite intelligent as they provided with those things without which the couple won’t be able to start their new life and what can be more expensive than these things.

The Indian Twitterati soon got into action as the video went viral; while some call it the most precious gift, some praised the Tamilians for their wittiness and intelligence. Here are some selected reactions:











What do you think of the gifts given by these relatives? Truly hatke, aren’t they?

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