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Why Do Tears Fall Off After We End Up Laughing So Hard

Why Do Tears Fall Off After We End Up Laughing So Hard RVCJ Media


Why Do Tears Fall Off After We End Up Laughing So Hard

Humans are a very complex species. It is a bag full of emotions. And its not just one emotion that acts at just one single time. Sometimes or most of the times, its just so many of them.

When a person goes through a breakup, he starts crying for the one he loved and suddenly starts laughing for the stupid things that he did for her. Crying and laughing are two complete opposite phenomenons. But when rain and sunshine comes together, you indeed get a chance to see the most wonderful creation of laws of spectrum – THE RAINBOW.


Crying and Laughing can be accounted for the same. Sometimes we find jokes so funny that we start laughing so hard that at the end tears fall off our eyes. Now that’s not crying. RIGHT ?


Why The Heck Do We Cry After Laughing Like Idiots? Although the question should be a bit more precise, so let’s just change it a bit. Why Do Tears Fall Off After We End Up Laughing So Hard ?

Technically tears falling off is an act of crying.

Okay, so let me first just show the schematic diagram of a human eye with respect to his tear glads and tear ducts.

tear glands diagram

Now allow me to explain the science behind this.

When we laugh, like idiots, we put quite a lot pressure on our ‘TEAR DUCT’ which is also known as Canaliculi as shown in the diagram. Tears drain into the ‘Puncta’ which are located in the inside corners of our upper and lower eyelids. Our eyelids have small canals known as ‘Canaliculi’ that move tears to a sac where the lids are attached to the side of the nose (lacrimal sac).

Okay so after putting so much of pressure on our tear ducts, we end up squeezing them and hence, tears fall off our eyes.

According to many researchers, when we laugh, we usually stretch or even close the opening to the proper drainage system of our tears which is an involuntary action. Since small amounts of tears are continuously generated just so as to keep the surface of our eyeballs moist, it is required to wipe them off and drain them out by just blinking. But as our drainage system is partially blocked due to excessive laughing for prolonged period of time, tears are accumulated and hence, they fall off.

Another explanation to this phenomenon is a bit psychological. Our body is a gift of nature. And according to Chemistry 101, ‘NATURE LOVES SYMMETRY’. So when we laugh too much, our body gets a sense that we are too happy and this is something off balance i:e ‘OUT OF SYMMETRY’. So tears accompany the body’s return to a more stable and balanced state after we have been very excited. In such cases tears are a sign that the body is returning to normal state.

Well, now that you the science behind it in a much better way. Next time if your friend starts crying, juts tell him/her that there is something good to come. Because ‘NATURE LOVES SYMMETRY’ and it won’t leave you in such a state for so long. Happy moments will come and sad moments will perish in no time.

Woman stretches her arms to sky and sun

I hope I was able to make it more clear to you. If you have any extra relevant information regarding this subject, please feel comfortable to share it with our readers in the comment section below.

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