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Ten Reasons To Love Bombay!!!


Ten Reasons To Love Bombay!!!

Its not like we need reasons to love Bombay. Yes, it will always be Bombay, because Mumbai doesn’t have the Bombay feel to it. We don’t require reasons to adore Bombay, be in Bombay and fall in love with the city. Yet, here are ten reasons to remind why Bombay is a lovely, lovely city.

 1. It is Bombay


The flavor of the city will captivate you for decades. There is nothing that can make you feel more at-home than hearing ‘Bombay’ while in Mumbai 🙂 Because Bombay, is an emotion 🙂

 2. The Sea


Beaches are such bliss. You want to go on a run? Beach. You want to have your first date? Beach. Want a perspective on life and some time to shake things off head? Beach. Happiness? Beach.

 3. The Vada Pav


Its not news anymore how Goli has taken over the country. Move over, Mr. Burger. Vada pav will always be the staple junk that is indeed, healthy. The city offers the yummiest and forever-innovative vada pav concepts. We could start listing and go on and on and on, but hey, we have a list to compile. Plus, the variety of food with such less money, we couldn’t ask for more. Literally.

4. The Night Life


Bombay never sleeps. It just doesn’t. Nope. Nilch. The night life here in this city is all fun and frolic with a wide range of selection – budget se le kar bigdi aulad tak 😉 PARTAYYYY!! Also, the relatively very safe compared to other cities. This takes us to our next point,

5. The Safety


Bombay is one of the safer cities of India. Even with a thriving night life, and being a melting pot of diverse cultures, Bombay provides you security. The local trains and crowded platforms including Kurla, Andheri etc., are safe enough for women 🙂 We think this is so because everybody is always so busy, there is almost no time for nonsense.

6. The Sense of Fashion


Oh, this city is THE Fashion capital alright. Whether you are on a budget or want to splurge like there’s no tomorrow, Bombay will offer it all. You can practically wear what you want to, and you won’t be given a earful. You can find the most fashionable peeps here. Plus, hello, Bollywood.

 7. The Ganesh Chaturthi


Should we even illustrate this point? Ganesh Chaturthi of Bombay will always be the bestest (yes, for the lack of a better word) celebration ever! With so much pomp and show, with such a joyous air, this festival and Siddhi Vinayak temple will forever remain etched in all our hearts.

8. The Growth Factor


The shares, the careers, the dreams and the lifestyles 🙂 Bombay is the city that if you work hard and show you have the passion in you, will take you to reach heights. Success should the tagline of this city. Bombay, is the quintessential city of dreams 🙂

9. The Monsoons

mumbai monsoons

Okay, we might have over stepped here a little bit, but hey, we all are die hard romantics at heart right? In which other city can you wade knee deep in water, holding hands with your bae and call it romantic? Hopelessly romantic?

10. The People

mumbai skylike

Mumbaikars are the sweet, super helpful and wonderful humans. As much as it is possible to get lost in the city, it is also super easy to get back on track, they’ll always be your live Maps. Humble and hard working, they’ll guide you in chasing your goals while they chase their own dreams in this hub of opportunities. 🙂 Like their city, have a biiig heart 🙂

Bombayites, agree with us?

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