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That Is The Weirdest Water Saving Campaign You Will Ever See – A Nightmare


That Is The Weirdest Water Saving Campaign You Will Ever See – A Nightmare

Water Conservation!

Everyone is talking about it, hearing about it. Organizations, schools, Institutions are spending millions in spreading the awareness about saving water. Its importance and ways to preserve. Everyday, there is some new campaign designed and developed to promote the cause. This is something, everyone wants to share about.

But what if water really vanishes from the earth? Is there anything which can replace water? What we as a humans do? How will we quench the thirst? Yes, Thinking this can a biggest nightmare for anyone, as we all know there is nothing that can replace water.

Pertaining to the importance of saving water, there is one another, unique of it’s kind campaign on the same, called “DRY DREAMS”. This campaign is a video made by the team of Pocket Films. Take a look at this. It will definitely give you goosebumps.

This Guy gets in trouble for not fulfilling her dream

What happens when a beautiful young lady about whom you have always fantasized of comes to your house and demands for something.

Publiée par Pocket Films sur vendredi 16 octobre 2015

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What do you think about this cause of saving water? Do you think awareness need to spread? or instead of just awareness actions need to be taken? Whatever shown, what if this becomes the future?

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