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The Dark Side Of Getting A New Job


The Dark Side Of Getting A New Job

There are always other opportunities, right? When you let go of one job and start something new, there is always a period of compromise. During this time, people often wish they had never quit their jobs, but you had to go for a reason. If you stick through the dark side in between your old job and the new one, you may be on your way up to a new lifestyle.

To get through this time, financial planners have some tips on what to do to make the transition easier.

First Paycheck Problems

One of the biggest problems, when you get a new job, is the downtime between your old pay schedule and the new one. Depending on the industry, you may wait up to a month for the new paycheck, or you may start in the middle of a pay period, which means your first check might not include as much as your old salary.

The best thing to do is look for something to supplement your income during the beginning. After about 30 days, you should be back to your old pay schedule and hopefully getting paid even more with your new salary. Some ways to supplement include:

  • Starting an online store
  • Working for Lyft, Uber, Postmates, or Grubhub
  • Selling old furniture and tech you don’t use
  • Offering consultancy or other freelance work

You may also want to make a budget and cut down on spending as much as you can. This should be the time to trim the fat and live a little leaner.

In some cases, the stress of a new job can be compounded by other unexpected emergencies, like a sudden illness requiring urgent medical treatment. If you haven’t been in your new job long enough to fully ramp up your savings, you need not fear. Short-term financial options like payday loans online may help cover the unexpected medical expense, so long as you have a verified source of income through your new job and can meet all the requirements of the lender.

Insurance Gap

If you were let go or laid off by an employer, you may be in a grace period if you had insurance. However, in many other cases, people suffer without healthcare for 30 days or more in between jobs. If you know that you are feeling ill or something unexpected happens, you need to get treatment. Make sure you are aware of any lapse in coverage, should the unthinkable happen while you are between plans.

90-Day Probation Period

The first day at a new job may seem hard, but think of it as the beginning of a new chapter. You get to know everyone, and your new boss may take you out to lunch. However, there is one thing that happens with most new positions. The 90-day probation period is standard. During this time, your company is testing you out and trying to see if you are a good fit. It can be nerve-racking learning whether or not a company will keep you, but as long as you keep your attendance and show what you know, you probably do not even have to worry about the probation period.

The best thing to do in the first 90 days is to streamline your position and learn about the company so that you can improve your position. In addition, you need to show up for every meeting prepared to engage and inspire leadership to take notice of your efforts.

Getting Comfortable with Co-Workers

At your old office, you know how everything worked, but in a new position, you have to spend figuring people out. You also want to make sure that you figure out who the gossips are first. They are typically the ones who cannot stop telling you about everyone.

One way to make an impression within your own team is to take someone to lunch during your first week. You should never eat lunch at your desk during your first week. This is a time to ask people to go for a walk with you or grab some coffee. You can also decorate your desk and settle in. This lets people know that you plan to be at the firm for the long-term.

Wrapping Up: Put Yourself Out There

Getting a new job is exciting because you get to show off your skills and work around a whole new group of people who wanted to work with you. During the first 30 to 90 days, a few things may get tricky, but it is far better than working at a place that did not want your time and effort.

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