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The Fraud Xiaomi Diwali “Rs.1” Fake Sale Caught Red Handed. Here’s The Proof!


The Fraud Xiaomi Diwali “Rs.1” Fake Sale Caught Red Handed. Here’s The Proof!

How many of you have been trapped in the Great Online Sale Season?. We all opted for purchasing goods online because to be free from the hassle of bargaining and cheaters. But better late than never, online sales have becomes fraudsters too. Almost all websites on the name of Flash sale, doubles up the price and then shows a discount of 50% which is like the original price only, or may be more than that the MRP.

Another case just came into our notice with Xiaomi promising there much hyped phone MI at just Rs.1. But as usual, that one rupee phone was always out of stock or sold. Not that it was for real. But the coding in the URL was encrypted so that no one gets the chance to purchase it.

Here is the proof of it.

Step 1

Step 1
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Step 2
Step 2

After doing all these a message will come in all the screens, irrespective at what time you are placing the order.

“We are sorry to tell you this item is sold out.”

Step 3

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Here is the coding as well of how such companies are cheating the customers.

What you have to say about such incidents? These techniques are used by big company to play fraud tricks on consumers who believe all there gimmicks are true and honest.

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