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The Growing Power Of Digital Marketing

The Growing Power Of Digital Marketing RVCJ Media


The Growing Power Of Digital Marketing

Has this ever happened that you wanted to buy something, and you googled it? And after that, you kept seeing ads for that item everywhere? Maybe you even ended up buying it online or reading reviews of it. This sounds familiar, right? It’s become the new reality for all of us. If we want something, our first reaction is to Google it and then we keep seeing ads on it everywhere we go. And that’s the key element of digital marketing. It doesn’t just create awareness and build conversation but helps create a stir that no one can avoid.

The pandemic saw a boost in all forms of online marketing particularly one which is backed by data and ensures that you reach out to the right person at the right time. With an increase in online website visits and everyone scrolling through their phones with not much to do, the digital marketing industry saw its peak which hasn’t stopped blunting since. The growth in this sector has been tremendous and it’s safe to say that this field is constantly on the brink of evolving yet another platform that lets you connect with your target audience much easier.

And when the demand is this high, the supply of digital marketers needs to match as well. Digital marketing jobs got offered far more and while all business school majors have flaunted over finance placements bagging the best offers, digital marketing placements also reached an all-over high. The job market saw a huge surge in the digital marketing industry with multiple forms of paid, organic, B2C as well as B2B tangents booming. Moreover, the affiliate marketing industry also picked an upward trend with organic impressions on social media easily reaching out to millions in numbers.

Most importantly, digital marketing did a lot more than just promote big brands and labels to their consumers. It helped small businesses and start-ups scale hugely to an extent that multiple entities expanded their consumer base and started becoming profitable. With the option of setting up a store on Instagram to using WhatsApp business for showcasing your catalogue, small brands emerged, and people started supporting small businesses a lot more than earlier. More than advertising, real, and human narratives became a part of digital marketing and built a community that is today receptive to purposeful narratives.

Digital marketing is changing all marketing dynamics and making the world come closer, one new post at a time. The fast-paced world that existed earlier accelerated even more in the last two years of the pandemic and it’s very important to imbibe these skills to make it into any business domain. For the same, it is also very important to gain this knowledge from credible sources. There are several institutes that provide theory to application practices. However, few institutes offer research-backed methodologies that you can easily apply at your workplace. ISB Executive Education in association with Emeritus offers a 12-week course in the digital marketing space called Digital Marketing Analytics. This course covers the entire digital customer journey and gives certifications in Google Ads, Google Analytics & HubSpot as well.

The programme covers all the pre-requisites to make it into the digital marketing world and offers resources that help understand the domain in a much-refined manner. Check this programme if you wish to delve deeper into the field which is ever-growing and offers the maximum number of opportunities today!

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