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The Importance Of Obtaining CompTIA Network+ Certification To Building A Networking Career


The Importance Of Obtaining CompTIA Network+ Certification To Building A Networking Career

Why CompTIA Network+ Credential?

Today, the IT networking sphere has become a non-negligible constituent of global services. Firms and organizations need these technologies for their processes’ flow, while individuals use networks to communicate and access information. This has served to highlight the importance of qualified specialists in this IT area today.

If you want to build a career in IT networking,

is your ideal stepping stone. It is one of the Computing Technology Industry Association’s (CompTIA) vendor-neutral badges for those who want to validate their core competencies. One thing that makes CompTIA Network+ a well sought-after credential is a set of skills you gain while preparing for the exam. So, what are they?

What Skills Does CompTIA Network+ Verifies?

Network+ is a vendor-neutral certification hence it covers a wide range of domains and topics to make candidates ready to handle any problem they may face at the workplace. Thus, earning this badge, you’ll prove you have skills needed to perform the following responsibilities:

What Are the Requirements?

Anyone can sit for the CompTIA Network+ certification exam coded N10-007. However, it is recommended that you have a working experience in the networking area of about 9 months and have the

The A+ accreditation serves and a launchpad as it covers IT networking basics among other concepts including networking standards and protocols. Therefore, it will be easier for you to grasp N10-007 exam syllabus.

What Are the Job Opportunities Available to the Network+ Certified Specialist?

The CompTIA Network+ credential qualifies you for taking up various roles. Some top organizations even mandate having this certification to get eligible for certain positions. So, here are some of the jobs you can apply for with your badge:

How Can You Get CompTIA Network+ Certified?

N10-007 is the exam you need to pass to obtain the CompTIA Network+ certification. It validates that you are qualified to configure, maintain, and troubleshoot networks, and perform other tasks related to them. To take the test, you need to pay a registration fee of $329.

There are 90 questions (multiple-choice and performance-based), which you must answer within 90 minutes.,

these tasks are available in English, Japanese, and German, but there’s work being done to add the Portuguese and Spanish languages too. It would be best if you attained a cut-off mark of 720 out of 900 to be considered successful, which is about 80% of the overall score.


As the world adapts to the rapid,

there will be more opportunities for individuals with the right skill set to flourish and grow career-wise. The CompTIA Network+ certification will boost your skills while placing you in the path of better prospects. Acquiring it is key to beginning and building an excellent networking career!

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