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The Next Modi – Chaiwaala Turns Into Web Developer


The Next Modi – Chaiwaala Turns Into Web Developer

From a simple chaiwaala to web developer, this 26 years old man Raju Srivastava had spent almost a decade as office boy and serving tea. But now things have changed and tremendous hard work and dedication helped this guy become a web developer in the same office where once he used to serve tea. For Raju, it’s like a dream come true. The 6th grade dropout came to Mumbai at the age of 13 with eyes full of dreams and mind filled with determination.

Raju knew that education will help him to do better from good. With the help from colleagues Raju cleared his 10th standard and later 12th. Nothing could stop him. He used to stay back in the office for an hour or two with a will to learn. When opportunity rang his doorbell Raju grabbed it immediately and is now a web developer. Raju craves to learn and has enrolled himself to Mumbai University to pursue graduation. Raju can be looked upon as inspiration who taught us will power, dedication and hard work will always help you reach your goals. Talking about inspiration our PM Narendra Modi, made it to the top who in his early days used to sell tea with his elder brother near a bus terminal to help his father, a street merchant support his family. He dedicated his life to politics starting at a very early age.

These people are not only a great inspiration to the young generation but they also show us the real path to success.

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