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The Photo Shoot of this Girl With Her ‘Job Offer’ Is the Most Adorable Thing


The Photo Shoot of this Girl With Her ‘Job Offer’ Is the Most Adorable Thing

When a girl turns 25, the only question society, peers, and parents have in their mind is, “When are you getting married?”. But there are few girls who choose not to answer this question. Rather they make them sit up and take notice of their link-up with the things they love.

No doubt, nowadays instead of settling down people want to travel the world and explore. They take up hobbies and build their career around it. Wedding and Photoshoot are such a passe nowadays, you will find every couple doing it.
So, this woman decided to do something new when she finally found the love of her life.

Yes, this is another photo-shoot post, but it’s something with much more meaning and depth.
Benita Abhraham, a 37-year old Californian, decided to take things a notch higher with the ‘love of her life’ and said ‘I do’ in a very amazing way!

Here are some great clicks from the album:-

The Love Story Bloomed in the most unexpected way


She fell in love with it instantly


Literally, Saved The Date XoXO!!


Some matches are really pre-destined by God,Look at that Happy Face


 To be successful, love what you do, Just Like Her


Ready to Chase Her Dreams In Heels


Career won’t wake up and say I don’t love you anymore


The Warmth of Finding a Loving Partner


She indeed deserved it, A Sweet Memory


She is definitely an inspiration for many girls who love their career over anything. And, why not..
Your career won’t wake up one day and say that “I don’t Love You anymore’.

Bravo to you Gal!

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