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The Reason Why Pakistan Is Planning To Ban This Popular Indian Daily Show Will Shock You


The Reason Why Pakistan Is Planning To Ban This Popular Indian Daily Show Will Shock You

Well, if I had been in the chair, I would have banned all the Hindi serials, which are highly misleading and makes no sense. But Alas! and Thankfully, I am not.


Though Indian thoroughly enjoy serials but our neighbourhood country, Pakistan seemed to be miffed over this particular Balaji clanned TV series, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. Well, it is not because of the storyline or the plot that has lost the track. Actually, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) raised the issue after the episode that aired on June 1 showcased the main lead, Divyanka and Karan a.k.a Ishita and Raman getting intimate.

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As per the norms of PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority), they have a regulation as what can be showed to the audience, which YHM somehow failed to manage, as a result the board is considering to ban the serial. PEMRA has sent a letter to the channel, seeking answers for the índecent activity’ which characters have indulged in.


When asked Karan Patel about this, he was quick to respond. “Yes, I have heard about this but wasn’t sure if this is for real or just a rumour. If this has really happened, it is indeed a bad news for all of us”

The Board has given time till 18th June to revert back. It will be interesting to see what reply they give. After all, we might not consider the scene as ‘ïndecent’.

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What’s your take on the situation? Doesn’t creative field ask for such scene to make it more real?

Looks like, Indian Entertainment industry is going through a difficult time, with the much-hyped Udta Punjab fiasco and now this.

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