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The Secrets Of Snooze: How To Buy The Best Mattress


The Secrets Of Snooze: How To Buy The Best Mattress

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When your mattress has coils poking out of its covers, when the springs creak with every turn, or when it has a bad smell, you know it’s time to replace your old one with a new and quality mattress. You will have to scour the market or the internet in search of the perfect bed. Thus, we’ve narrowed down the mattress varieties and the best mattresses in the market for you to quickly unravel the secrets to perfect snoozing:

How To Buy The Best Mattress

With a lot of options to choose from, you could easily get overwhelmed when looking for mattresses. However, it isn’t as hard – especially when you first get to know the types of mattresses. With simple research on the classes, you quickly grasp what to expect from a type’s firmness, comfortability, and support.

Know The Mattress Type

Knowing the kinds of mattresses will give you a picture of whether or not they will accommodate your needs:


Innerspring beds are made out of springs and are easy on your wallet. With this bed, you either get coils packed individually or continuously – each one different from the other. While individually packed rings prevent movement to spread throughout the entire mattress, continually packed springs don’t.


Foam beds also have a variety to choose from, ranging from memory foam and latex foam. The difference between these two types is how it conforms and adapts to your body shape. The memory foam will precisely contour your body shape, while the latex gives off a general outline or impression.


Hybrid beds are the beds most people go for since most people want a blend of support and comfort. It has the help of an innerspring bed and the comfortability of a foam bed, which works well for any sleeping position.


If you want to have the sole responsibility of your bed’s firmness level, you could always get an airbed. With this, you get the choice to customize and change the firmness how you want it. Additionally, airbeds also have foam or padding as their top layer for additional comfort.


Waterbeds are mattresses that are filled with water that are fixed on wooden foundations. With these beds, you could even heat or cool down the water to the temperature you want. Additionally, these beds may feel bouncier than your typical bed – however, you do need to watch out for leaks.

How To Get The Best Mattress

Since you’ve discovered the types of mattresses in the market, it’s now time to introduce yourself to the best mattresses of 2021! With these in your grasp, you quickly get to snooze-Ville as these beds give you the best comfort and firmness you could ever ask.

Best Overall: Amerisleep AS3

Amerisleep AS3 is ideal for a wide range of sleepers because of its comfortability. It can cushion a side sleeper’s shoulders to help relieve and ease the pressure, and it can support a back sleeper’s spine. Because of its versatility, it’s also the top choice for couples. To tie the best overall mattress together, this bed also has a Bio-Core layer which increases the mattress’s lifespan.

Best Memory Foam: Zoma Mattress

Since memory foam beds do great when conforming to your body shape, they will do well with people who are active during the day – this is why the Zoma is the most ideal for professional athletes. Additionally, you get support from the support layer, cushion from the gel-infused layer, and an adaptive feature from the reactive layer.

Best For Side Sleepers: Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid

If you’re a side sleeper who’s looking for comfortability up to par with your standards, the Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid will give you quality service. The AS5 Hybrid will not only provide you with comfortability, but it’s pocketed coils will also offer firm support for your lower back, feet, and head. This bed gives you a balance of cushion and support.

Best For Sleepers With Back Pain: Amerisleep AS2

For sleepers experiencing back pain, the Amerisleep AS2 will help relieve the pressure as it is a firmer mattress than that of the AS5 Hybrid. Because of its 2-inch layer, it has added comfort and cushion to help reduce any pressure your back may experience throughout your sleep. Not only this, as it also gets rid of any unwanted feelings of sinking.

Best Budget: Vaya Hybrid

Going on a strict budget is no reason not to get a quality mattress – as you always have the Vaya Hybrid to cover for you. With this bed, you sleep well in any position as it is versatile and reactive. Its three-layered structure will give you comfort, ease, and breathability that is long-lasting and durable.


When you have an old and creaky mattress, sleeping will be a challenge, indeed. However, when you replace it with a quality bed, sleeping will undoubtedly feel like a reward after a long and tiring day. Likewise, getting to snooze-Ville and perfecting your sleep will feel like a piece of cake – especially with these tips in store!

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