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There Is A New Taimur Doll In The Market, Guess What Saif And Kareena Had To Say


There Is A New Taimur Doll In The Market, Guess What Saif And Kareena Had To Say

Who’s the hottest start kid in town? Taimur, of course!

There’s no denying the fact that Taimur is the most sought after kid in India today, and as Saif himself claimed that one single picture of Taimur is rated around Rs. 1500. But have you ever thought about the impact that such popularity can have on his young, impressionable mind?

Recently, a Kerala store reportedly designed a doll after Taimur. Slightly creepy? We agree. But think about it, Taimur has a doll designed after him! How cool is that? But guess what his parents had to say.

When Saif and Kareena were informed, Saif seemed rather amused by the whole situation. He jokingly remarked that he should get a trademark in Taimur’s name, and that he would love to get his hands on one of these dolls. He also mentioned that he is glad that other people who are not so privileged are benefitting from Taimur’s popularity.

However Kareena seemed to be of a different opinion altogether.

In an interview, Kareena said that, “Taimur can’t run away from his popularity and neither can his parents. When I saw the doll, I wondered what was I supposed to say. But Saif pointed out that it is because people love him so much and such things are a blessing for him. There is so much genuine warmth for our son that it’s bad to stop people from clicking his pictures or making his dolls. But, they should understand that he is a two-year-old child and needs a normal life.”

Kareena also mentioned how such popularity is harmful at a young age. The paparazzi has been following Taimur around since he was born, and very often, people forget that he is a two year old infant. Although expecting him to have a normal childhood is hoping for too much, Kareena really wanted her son to grow up like a normal child. Yet, the media really makes it difficult to do so.

What do you think of the doll though?

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