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These 10 Photos Of Worst Traffic Jams In History Will Blow Your Mind


These 10 Photos Of Worst Traffic Jams In History Will Blow Your Mind

Traffic jams have been one of the most annoying things that can happen to you. But most of them only last for few minutes or maybe few hours. But what if they lasted for days? At some point of time, you might feel like killing yourself. Who would like their cars to move at an ant’s pace? If you think, these things can’t happen in real, then you are wrong. They have actually happened and we have those pics too.

These are 10 photos of the worst traffic jams in history; surprising thing is that they actually lasted for days. We really pity those people who must be stuck in there.

We are already annoyed seeing the pics; do you want to check them too? If yes, here you go…

1. Atlanta, January 2014 – 1 Million Cars & 12 Hours Long

Winter Weather Georgia

2. Bethel, August 1969 – Half A Million Cars & 10 Miles Long

Woodstock 1969

3. Houston, September 2005 – 2 Million Cars & 99 mile long

Next New Orleans

4. Beijing, August 2010 –  62 Miles & 12 Days Long

China Traffic Jam

5. Sao Paulo, June 2009 – 192 Miles Long

Sao Paulo, June 2009

6. Chicago, February 2011 – 12 Hours Long

Winter Weather Illinois

7. Germany, April 1990 – 18 Million Cars & A Week Long

Checkpoint Charlie

8. Paris, February 1980 – 109 Miles

Lyon-Paris, February 1980

9. New York City, September 2001 – For Few Days All Across The City 

New York City, September 2001

10. Moscow, November 2012 – 125 Miles Long & 3 Days Long

Moscow, November 2012

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