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These 18 Tweets Give Jasleen Kaur Incident A New Twist & Turn Your Sympathy For Girl Into Ashes


These 18 Tweets Give Jasleen Kaur Incident A New Twist & Turn Your Sympathy For Girl Into Ashes

Yesterday an incident of eve teasing came into view in which a guy was accused of making a vulgar comment on a girl and when she threatened him that she will file a complaint, then instead of being afraid he was warning her of the consequences. The case has become so popular that we really don’t need to mention that here we are talking about Jasleen Kaur. According to her, she was walking down the Tilak Nagar Street when a bike rider made a vulgar comment. When Jasleen took his photograph and threatened him that she will make a complaint against her, he in return warned Jasleen of the consequences that she may face if she make a complaint. She brought the matter into social media on account of which the accused was arrested too.

Now this is the story we have been hearing about this case since yesterday. But at this point, did anyone think that a coin has two sides and so has this case! Only after listening to one person and seeing one aspect of something, we can’t reach accurate judgment. Did anyone care what the guy who has been accused of making vulgar comment has to say in this connection or has anyone given him a chance to narrate the incident from his point of view? Here RVCJ Team does not take side of either Jasleen or the guy but what we want to convey is that for the best judgment, each and every aspect should be taken into consideration and people should consider the views of both the parties; who knows if this girl getting all the name and fame of bravery is wrong……

At this point, we must mention that Twitter is criticizing Jasleen for her act and think of it as a publicity stunt. People also talked about her working for NDTV and AAP and for the same, CM Kejriwal is also dragged into the matter and has become a subject of criticism.

Here are 18 tweets in this connection that you can’t miss to check out:



















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