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These Advertisement Jingles Are Surely Going To Take You On A Nostalgia Ride

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These Advertisement Jingles Are Surely Going To Take You On A Nostalgia Ride

We generally don’t appreciate numerous advertisements while we are watching our favourite television serial or maybe your beloved movie is on air. I can’t even imagine how much we curse these advertisements for breaking our flow but they do keep us hooked with their catchy or lame jingles isn’t it.

Every 90’s kid will at least remember 10 – 11 famous jingles which took over our television sets about a decade back, don’t you remember anyone. There are even a few jingles which I know by heart because those were aired so frequently. Remember, pehle issamal kare phir vishwas karey? Guess which brand it’s and if you are failing then I doubt you were a television buff. It’s the famous Ghari detergent ad.

Advertisement jingles are the heart and the main USP of any TV commercials and the creators brainstorm to curate the most effective jingles keeping in mind about the brand and its services. Over the musical ad, jingles have become a star we sing it like it’s any Bollywood song because it’s no less than that and at times few advertisement jingles can be considered more soothing and perfect as compared with current Bollywood songs.

Well, we have decided to take you on a nostalgia ride with some of the favourite advertisement television jingles:

1. How can you forget your Kaminey friends, these advertisements is going to make you miss your friends for sure!

2. Airtel Instrumental jingle is still used us ringtones by many even today!

3. You and I in this beautiful world! this is by far the best advertisement of Vodafone I believe.

4. Remember Kya aap close karte hain!

5. The ‘Oye Bubbly’ commercial advertisement saga continued for a long time featuring Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor etc.

6. It needs no explanation isn’t it!

7. Dimaag ki bati jaali kya?

8. We are the blackberry boys.

9. Hum mein hain hero! tumhe hain?

10. Amul who is known for his advertisements. This one is going to take you back to the early 1976.

Let us know about your favourite jingles!

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