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These First Breakup Confessions Will Definitely Make You Smile


These First Breakup Confessions Will Definitely Make You Smile

Remember your first breakup?? All those memories when you were all alone. When listening to sad songs was your favourite pastime. When you were hurt and words could not express much about your feelings. When you just keep thinking of the good old memories. It was like the sky has fallen. The thought if you will be able to be the same?
Looking at the old pic and slowly moving to deleting all of them. Time heals everything, but somewhere, those memories still stay with us. With time, we even get to understand why those relationships didn’t lasted forever.

Watch this video by old delhi films and walk through the aisle of memories again. Hear these people talk about their breakup experience will surely remind you of someone.

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Though they are hurtful, but must say, breakups aren’t always meant for make ups, sometimes relationships end in order for you to wake up.

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