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These Politicians Don’t Have Registration Number Plates On Their Cars. This Is The Reason


These Politicians Don’t Have Registration Number Plates On Their Cars. This Is The Reason

Being a politician means the servant of the nation or a particular state, city or area. However, the politicians in our country are provided with a lot of luxuries. They are treated as most important persons in the country and are given 24*7 security and a lot of pampering.

Among all the luxuries that our politicians enjoy, one is using cars without number plates. The Motor Vehicles Act 1988 makes it mandatory for everyone to have a permanent and unique registration number for your vehicle but the politicians in the Ministry of External Affairs and even the President of India, Vice-President of India, Governors of all Indian states have been exempted of its use.

You must have noticed many times that these politicians don’t use number plates on their car and instead use the sign of national emblem. Have you ever thought of the reason behind it?

Well, it’s a privilege as we earlier discussed. The Ministry Of External Affairs uses the cars with a national emblem to transport foreign officials and dignitaries visiting India. It’s believed to be a security protocol but other ministers like President of India, Vice-President of India and Governors have been doing it because they simply can do it.

However, the rule is going to come to an end soon. Reportedly, after banning the use of red beacons, Indian Government is going to make it compulsory for all to use registration number plates only.

India’s Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi‘s vehicles already bear number plates and not the national emblem. Now that looks like a welcome change for sure and we support it.

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