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These WWE Memes Will Literally Make You Jump-Off From Your Seats And Laugh!!


These WWE Memes Will Literally Make You Jump-Off From Your Seats And Laugh!!

World Wrestling Entertainment!! WWE the very integral part of our Childhood. Most of us be it from any part of the country must have watched the epic battle fights between the WWE Superstars and most of us always had a favorite superstar too. Undertaker, Kane, Triple H, Shawn, Hulk Hogan, Eddie, JBL, Christian, Edge, Boogy Man, China and many more such superstars who made our childhood awesome. Some of us even bought WWE Playing Cards and spent all the time we got playing those. And then slowly came the day when we were called grown ups. The time when we came to know that WWE is just a planned Fighting arcade where the winner is pre-decided. It was the time when we didn’t wait for Monday’s and Tuesday’s to know the result of a fight between our favorite superstars, we just logged in and found out that in few seconds. This was the time when we started losing interest on WWE. But still there are many of us who follow WWE closely and still show the same amount of interest in watching it like in the childhood. So this post is for all those WWE fans across boundaries who loved this show. Check out these 15 WWE memes which will giggle you hard and will cherish your awesome moments of Childhood.

1. That Annoying Moment!!

WWE Memes

2. That Makes You Burn Like Hell

3. How Dare they could say something about your crush

4. there is always a friend who takes care of you in hard times

5. not so funny lines used by your friends when you crack up a joke

6. we all have done this is school

7. that sad moment

8. when we do not find our things at right places

9. and you search it everywhere

10. ultimate truth

11. aurat ke sar ka taaj hota hai ek…

12. you just have yes or no as your option

13. that Oh Sh*t moment

14. and you don’t sleep that night

15. that annoying friend


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