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Things You Need To Know About The Gorgeous AT&T Ad Girl


Things You Need To Know About The Gorgeous AT&T Ad Girl

The young, nerdy, enthusiast girl appearing in the AT&T ad is Milana. The gorgeous girl is also known for her Refugee help movement #Can’tdonothing. Here are some of the facts about the young talent.

1. Name of the girl featuring in the AT&T Commercial Ad is Milana Vayntrub


2. Milana is a political Refugee. She was born on March 8, 1987 in the USSR (Uzbekistan)and Her family moved to the US when she was only 3 (29 Now)


3. She started acting in Mattel Barbie commercials at the age of 5 but She was first starred on the TV drama ER when she was 8


4. Milana is a High school drop-out, not because she didn’t think education was important but she wanted to advance through her education faster


5. Milana is not only an actress but also a comedian, writer and producer


6. She is a YouTube sensation and has hundreds of videos over the network


7. She has guest starred on a number of TV shows including the famous Key and Peele, Californication, and Silicon Valley


8. She started a Movement to help other Refugees #Can’tDoNothing


She looks so amazing, performs flawlessly and is definitely doing a great job by helping out the refugees.
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