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Things You Need To Know About India’s Iron Woman


Things You Need To Know About India’s Iron Woman

This woman is someone who is gonna change your perception about gym and fitness. Yes, Gym is not only a place for guys, it is for girls as well. This girl is so proud of her muscular body and says, ‘I am already muscular than many guys and I love it’. Here are some of the things about Yashmeen Manak Chauhan.

1. Yashmeen is 36 and a fitness freak


2. She have won Gladrags Mrs India 2015


3. She also won Miss India 2016, which was organised by Indian Body Building and Fitness Federation (IBBFF)


4. Manak also says ‘I like to break the stereotypes, I ride a bullet and do power lifting’


5. She is the one and only woman who represented India in the 50th AFBF Asia Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship and the Annual Congress May, 2016 held at Beijing, China. She won a bronze in ‘Above 163 cm’ category, which is the only medal for India.


6. She has been weight lifting for the past seventeen years


7. Since her childhood, yashmeen was interested in sports and had participated in every physical activity


8. She is multi-talented, has done modelling


9. Yashmeen runs her own gym in Gurugram


Check Out Her More Gorgeous Pics:




Not only for girls, Yashmeen is an inspiration for guys as well. Also, style, fashion or fitness, she has tonnes of everything.
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