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Things People Who Are Addicted To FB And Mobile Can Relate To

Things People Who Are Addicted To FB And Mobile Can Relate To RVCJ Media


Things People Who Are Addicted To FB And Mobile Can Relate To

1.Sorry, What Were You Saying?

You were replying someone over WhatsApp or FB messenger and your mom or friend was asking or telling you something and when you finish replying,you’re like “Yeah..sorry..can you tell that once again please?”


2.Have To Take A Selfie

I’m going to bathroom, I should carry my mobile with me to take selfies(seriously.even in bathroom people?).I’m going for a hangout, I better carry my mobile to take “group-fies” with my friends.I’m going to the exam hall, I should take my mobile there to show the entire world that I gave a exam.Seriously,this selfie craze needs to stop.


3.That Chick Is Hot,Should Add Her

Well in “People You May Know”, you see many profiles with hot pictures as DP(both girls and boys) and you’re like “I should send a friend request”..and you chat with her for some days and then you come to know that you are talking to a boy’s or girl’s fake profile..Happened many times,no?


4.Well, Bye Bye Boring Lectures

You’re in your class and some teacher is giving a boring lecture(boring only for you,ok?) and you silently take out your cell and turn on data connection and open FB or WhatsApp and voila,you are in an amusement park,no?


 5.What Are Exams Man?

So,I’ve my exams tomorrow but I should open a group chat with my all college friends and then I should discuss about the party and all the fun we all are gonna have once exams are over.And the next in your exam, you’re like – “what the heck is this?what the hell is that?”


6.Sharing Is Caring

Well,now this is picture of a poor baby dying from this syndrom and facebook will give Re.1/share.So I should share this.Oh now this is a picture of GOD, if I don’t share then anything bad will happen to me within 24 hours.I should share this one too.One of the things that can tell that you’re addicted to social networking is “over-sharing”.


7.Har Waqt Phone Pe Ghusa Rehta Hai

We all had heard this dialogue from our mother-father at least once,right?Please mom, stop saying this all the time.


8.You Hit Lamp-posts

You’re replying to someone special(though the other person doesn’t think you as a special person).So you think that no matter what you’re doing, you should always reply within the least bit of time.Suppose you’re walking and chatting at the same time but you don’t have any sense that you’re walking and ultimately you hit someone or something.Happened many times,no?


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