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Things You Should Take Care Of While Dealing With Your Girlfriend


Things You Should Take Care Of While Dealing With Your Girlfriend

1. If you have a female friend, who’s hot, hotter than your girlfriend, ‘Conceal Don’t feel, Don’t let your girlfriend know, otherwise you’ll be in deep shit.
Uski tareef kyu ki? Pasand a gai kya? Shadi ki bat chalaun BC?

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2. Never let her know how many crushes you’ve had. She would start doubting your feelings for her, and then you know, raita failega. Just like your crushes She might crush your head too.

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3. Never try to dominate her. Keep your male ego aside. Ye mat pehno, wo mt karo, idhar mat jao blah blah. If the girl is seedhi she would listen and follow your instructions. Howerver if the girl is just the opposite, it’s time for a farewell with domestic violence. e.g. hitting you on the face, wih a brick.

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4. Never ask her “Baby aj aapne kya pehna hua h?”
It annoys girls as hell. That’s when you lose all your respect.

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5. Never force her into something she’s not interested in. That will keep her off you. Girls are moody, but nor horny all the time, and you need to understand.

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6. Never tell her she’s overweight, even if she is. It’s deressing for many, and a tigger of aggression in others. Girls are very consious about their body. Never de-motivate them.

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7. Lastly, girls are fragile and not weak. Treat them good and they would give you lots of love in return. Respect your girlfriend let her have her say in a conversation.

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