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Things That Would Happen If We Continue To Grow Like Crazy


Things That Would Happen If We Continue To Grow Like Crazy

Each hideout and corner of India is a clear showcase of increasing population. Whether you are in a metro station, airplane terminal, railway station, street, thruway, bus stop, doctor’s facility, shopping center, market, sanctuary, or even in a social/ religious get-together, we see all these spots are overcrowded at any time of the day. This is an agreeable evidence of overpopulation in the country.

According to the Indian census, did in 2011, population counter is at 1,210,193,422, which implies India has crossed the 1-billion mark. This is the second most crowded country of the world after China and the different studies have anticipated that India will be world’s number-1 crowded nation, surpassing China, by 2025.

It’s high time that we should react in this matter. We should try to control the population else these things will happen:-

1. People Will Fight For Mess Food

2. Housing Will Be Expensive That Every Sq. Ft. Will Cost A Kidney

3. Tickets On IRCTC

4. Lectures In College

5. Neighbors and Their Drama

6. Celebrations At New Year Party

7. What Will Happen To Queues

8. What Will Happen With Traffic

9. What Will Happen To Water Supply


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