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Things Which Singles Have To Face

Things Which Singles Have To Face RVCJ Media


Things Which Singles Have To Face

1.You’ll Regret After Getting Married

Many of your friends are married but you’re still single.So they all will give at least one common advice – “Bhai,tune aaj tak shaadi nehi karke bilkul sehi kiya.Yaar kabhi shaadi karna hi maat,warna pachtayega tu.” You’re tired of hearing this over and over again every-time your friends have an argument with their wives.regret

2.You Feel Like Banging Your Head

You go to a park and all you see are “Couples,couples everywhere with hand in hand” and all you have in your hand is a ducking phone.And now all you can do is “Finding a right tree in the park to bang your head”.


3.Don’t Worry

There will be so much people to say this “Don’t give up bro.You’ll get mingled one day for sure” to you.But I want to ask those people “When will the day come?I’m already frustrated.”


4.You’re Getting Older

Your all relatives say this,don’t they?I mean there’s no expiry date for “falling in love and getting married”.All the imaginary expiry dates are set by the society.So just chill dudes.


5.They Don’t Deserve You

You just broke-up with your girlfriend.Your friends will try to comfort you only by saying “Bhai tu chinta maat kar.Aare yaar,mein bol raha hun na,ki o tujhe deserve hi nehi karti thi.Koyi dusri mil jayegi na.” -_- .And on the contrary,there is you,swept away by the sea of emotions and standing there like a toy.


 6.Try Online Dating

This thing is rising with every passing day.You’ll get to hear this suggestion from many of your friends and relatives.And you’ll eventually find out that your 2-3 friends found the right match from matrimonial websites.You’re tired of hearing this,aren’t you?


7.And I’m Already In A Relationship

You are chatting with a girl for a few weeks now and you want to get in a relationship with her.So you say “I Love You” and she replies with one of the two things below –

I)I’m already in a relationship.

II)I love you as a friend but I don’t feel that special thing about you.tumblr_lqvr4cREUS1qhwxm8


Are you also facing the same things? Please let us know if anything happened with you in past that resemble with above points. Mention in comments

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