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Things You’re Likely To See Inside A Local Train Compartment

Things You're Likely To See Inside A Local Train Compartment RVCJ Media


Things You’re Likely To See Inside A Local Train Compartment

Indian Railways started servicing the nation on 16th of April in 1853 and since then it has only gotten bigger and better. It is one of the largest railway networks in the whole world. Nearly 2-3 crore peoples travel everyday via Indian Railways. While there are many passenger trains, there are many local trains also which carry the daily-goers. We all do travel by local trains. So we’re mostly aware of the scenes inside a local train compartment. See the list if I’m correct or not.

1. Hawkers –

Hawkers, hawkers and lots of hawkers. Carrying various products, they go into most compartments of a train to sell their products. Then after completing the round of that train, they go into another train and it just continues until the end of the day. tumblr_m9eac4FrD41qatcd2o1_1280train_vendor hawkers1

2. Leaning Is Dangerous –

Lol! Who cares this warning? Even I lean outside the compartment everyday. And sometimes if there is excess crowd, we’ve to lean.


3. Playing Cards –

This is one of the most common scenes you’ll see if you’re a daily passenger. Everyday in my usual compartment, I see at least 4-5 groups each group having 4 or more people and playing cards. You’ll see people playing cards even if they are standing.


4. Singers –

And you’ll see many chanting Kishor Kumar, R.D Burman, Rafi’s songs. While some of the singers sing good.

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5. Politics –

If any big thing happened in Indian politics, that matter will be talked among the daily-passengers for a few days after the thing happened.


6. Sports –

World Cup is going on. And every person talks like he’s an cricket-expert. India ka match ho, and dusre din train mai gupshup na ho, kabhi nehi ho sakta yeh.


7. Beggars –

Lots of beggars, lots of with various types of causes like old-age, blindness (fake), polio, etc and sometimes with some fake certificates also. And nowadays children are being used in this “business”.


So are you a daily-passenger? If yes, are you used to this scenes?

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