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These 8 Pictures Perfectly Describes The Taglines Of “Honest Advertisements”


These 8 Pictures Perfectly Describes The Taglines Of “Honest Advertisements”

We see advertisements here, there and basically everywhere in our daily life nowadays. They do carry some amazing taglines. But most of those taglines just don’t match the actual products. What if those advertisements were correct? What if those taglines describe the actual products? What if those taglines were brutally honest? Here are 8 pictures that will describe the perfect taglines if advertisements were honest –

1. “Dobara Mat Poochna”. Shopkeepers Don’t Give Us Change, They Give This.


2. Don’t Know If There Network Follows Us Everywhere But There Customer Care Surely Does – “Press This Number If You Want To Select This Song As Your Caller-Tune”


3. No Need To Describe This One. 


4. “Hum Main Hai Hero” – Original Tagline. Error 404 : Honda Not Found.


5. They Sell Air. 


6. I Know Cold-Drinks Contain Fat But Still I Love Them After A Hot Summer Day.


7. CCD – Last Time I Went There With My Girlfriend, They Charged Me 600 Bucks For Just Two Coffees, One Roll And One Chicken 65.


8.  Don’t Know About You But I Want Them To Come Back. The Hardware Of NOKIA Phones Were The Best, Are The Best And Always Will Be The Best.

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Did you all like the series? Tell us if you enjoyed or not in the comments section below. A big big thanks to our partner – Doodlers for making this amazing series.



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