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This Company Is Paying Rs 87 Lakhs For Creating Memes, Twitter Calls It “Dream Job”


This Company Is Paying Rs 87 Lakhs For Creating Memes, Twitter Calls It “Dream Job”

There are a number of parents who always crib after seeing their kid doing something on mobile phone and if you are also one of them, it is time for you to stop doing this as a Colorado based company is offering a job for meme-makers and it is paying the salary in the range of $80K-$120K which comes to Rs. 57 lakh – Rs. 87 lakh approx. in the Indian currency.

In the older days, people used to tell their kids that they should stop spending time on mobile phones and study more if they want to get a good job but things are different now because there are many new types of jobs available in market and meme-maker is one of them.

The name of the company is Gitcoin and it wants a candidate who spends a good amount of time on the micro-blogging site Twitter and Discord. The candidate should also have knowledge of crypto-communities as well as good organizational skills. The job profile will include creating memes which will be based on the events and activities taking place in the Gitcoin community. In addition, the individual will need to moderate Discord along wiht all other platforms where Gitcoin communities are active and also help the new members in going through the ecosystem and posting updates on Twitter.

A person posted the screenshot of the job on Twitter, “This is a six figure meme making job at a legit company. No matter how silly your kid’s interests seem… don’t ever tell them they should give them up for a ‘real job’”.

The tweet soon went viral and as many people enquired about the link. The Twitter user shared the link of the posting with the caption, “Wow didn’t expect this to blow up so much, here’s the link!”

This is how Twitter reacted over it:







We are quite sure that meme-makers must be pretty happy with this development. Are you going to apply?

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