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This Contestant Is Getting Eliminated From BB House This Weekend

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This Contestant Is Getting Eliminated From BB House This Weekend

Bigg Boss 12 fans are in for a treat as there will be a lot of interesting things happening inside the house this weekend. It’s elimination time, Salman Khan will be seen giving some words of wisdom to the inmates and also expressing anger on them. Some special guests related to a few contestants will arrive in the house.


Karanvir, Jasleen, Srishty, Saba, Urvashi and Saurabh are nominated for eviction this week and if reports are to be believed, Saurabh has been evicted from the house. This is indeed a huge shock for many Bigg Boss lovers and the fans of Saurabh.

Further, there are reports that Salman will be seen taking a class of Sreesanth regarding his sportsmanship and irresponsible attitude. He will give him a lecture and Surbhi will interfere saying that Sreesanth does all the drama to get attention.

Anup is upset with Surbhi

Anup tells Salman that he wants Surbhi out of the house and how he had requested to shift her bed. Surbhi gets irritated iand says, “Aapke bagal mein sone mein mujhe darr lagta hai, kahi apki diplomacy the roog na lag jaye.

Special Guests

Meanwhile, there will be special guests in the house. Sreesanth’s wife Bhuvneshwari Kumari, Dipika Kakar’s husband, Shoaib Ibrahim, and Srishty Rode’s boyfriend Manish Nagdev will arrive at the show.

Wild Card Entries

There are reports suggesting two wild card entries in the house i.e Rohit Suchanti and Chetna Pande.

Isn’t that interesting

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