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This Crazy Fan Of Yuvraj Risked Her Job To Meet Him – Yuvraj Got Angry


This Crazy Fan Of Yuvraj Risked Her Job To Meet Him – Yuvraj Got Angry

There is no denying the fact that cricket and cricketers are worshipped in India. Moreover, a large mass of cricket lovers is simply crazy for the sport and in this context, it would also not be wrong to say that they can go to any extent for it. In short, the craze of cricket in our country is just above and beyond any limit! There are countless fans who risk their lives in the name of cricket, some break their TV sets if India loses a match and few even commit suicide. Owing to this, we can easily guess that there is no height or defined limit for such cricket devotees.

One such fan is some Huma Anjum whose identity, as to who she is, what she does and where she lives, is not yet disclosed but there is one thing for sure, she can pull out all the stops or move heaven and earth to meet Yuvi! To be brief, SHE CAN GO TO ANY HEIGHT FOR YUVRAJ!! This fan came into limelight via UC-Cricket who posted the following:



After seeing his name being involved with some new girl who is not that popular to be known by all, Yuvi got puzzled and tweeted:

At this, UC Browser apologized tweeting the following:

However, UC Browser further tweeted:

And finally, Yuvraj assured them to meet this crazy fan soon but at the same time, adviced UC Browser to focus on cricket rather than personal lives. Here’s Yuvi’s tweet in this connection:

Who do you think is this Huma Anjum? Twitterians are making fun that she is a combination of Huma Qureshi and Anjum Chopra while some say she is Yuvi’s new girlfriend according to UC Browser and others are of the opinion that she is some unknown celebrity. Whatever, Twitter is flooded with their tweets and whosoever is this girl, she has become the highlight just for being featured in Yuvraj’s tweet.

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