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This Girl Has Lost 27 Kgs In Just 6 Months, See Her Amazing Transformation Here


This Girl Has Lost 27 Kgs In Just 6 Months, See Her Amazing Transformation Here

While we aren’t supporting the concept that thin is beautiful, you must admit, being obese has its own set of disadvantages. For instance, being morbidly fat brings along a set of ailments and diseases which are potentially damaging.

The moment you go online, you’re greeted with tons of workout tips and special diets which can apparently help you lose weight. In fact, you come across these supplements which can magically reduce weight.

But let me tell you, these rarely work. Look, the idea is simple. You need to lose weight in a healthy way so as to make it sustainable in the long term.

On Twitter, Dayla (@daylachka) has set an example for millennials on how to lose weight in a natural and organic fashion. Following her own policies, she lost 60 pounds (27 kgs) in just 6 months and looks downright glam in her recent pictures.

And she did it naturally, as per her tweets. She cut down on carbs, exercised regularly and simply followed a healthy lifestyle. She also has certain tricks up her sleeve, which she has shared in the tweets below.

Dayla says,

This is true. There is no shortcut to success. And spot reduction really is a myth. You must work on losing your body fat, otherwise there’s no point, really.

This is her advice to you:

This too:

Look at her amazing transformation:

You can see her hard work paid off:

So this is how she got those fab cheekbones:

Exercise is certainly not everything, guys!

She’s been sharing the story of her transformation to help others:

Inspired yet? ‘Cause we sure are. We’re going to start following her advice. Are you?

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