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This Girl Taught This Facebook Stalker A Lesson, He Will Regret All His Life

This Girl Taught This Facebook Stalker A Lesson, He Will Regret All His Life RVCJ Media


This Girl Taught This Facebook Stalker A Lesson, He Will Regret All His Life

What do men think of themselves? That they can do anything and can get away with it. But dear men at least a few who are perverts, there is a bad news for you. We can destroy you if we want. So please be extra cautious when you talk rubbish and do all the nasty stuff.

Facebook Stalker in this new genre of teasing and harassing girls, but thank god girls are not banned from using Facebook. Rather whenever any girl out there faces such situation here is what you can do. Just like the Splitsvilla contestant did.


Payal Thapa, a beautiful girl from Assam taught this guy a lesson that he will remember for his lifetime. And we are just trying to extend her a support, Hats off to you Payal. You literally did a fabulous job.

So, guys out there, Beware. Your nuisance will not be tolerated anymore.

First meet this guy – Name and Face Blurred. A Over-Enthusiastic Facebook Stalker


His first Message to the Girl, Shame on You

Only if he could understand what decency means.

Msg 1

This boils me with Anger

From where do they get the audacity to message something like this! 3:)

Msg 2

Poor Grammar, Poor Mindset, Poor Thinking

Mr.Sarkar we hope you have learnt by now, how to respect a girl. But we are still in doubt.

Msg 3

Only a Picture is enough to get you aroused

Think before you say something!

msg 4

In which school did this guy studied? Or did he studied at all?

But only if education could teach some good manners, which is clearly missing in the case.

msg 5

This is not even a proper punishment

FB Stalkers – You are not really afraid of using such poor comments against a women, so why being afraid now

msg 6

Keep asking for apology

What you would have done if someone treated you like this?


Seems like the culprits deleted his FB Account after he failed to convince the girl to remove the post! Coward !

Isn’t the situation getting out of hand? What she did was just a small step! Lets support her and tell every stalker like that guy, We wont tolerate it.

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