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This Gurudwara In Dubai Is Setting Example Of Peace And Harmony


This Gurudwara In Dubai Is Setting Example Of Peace And Harmony

There is a Gurudwara in Dubai, for the Sikh community to gather and pray, turns into a mosque every single year. Wonder how? Here is the answer.

The Sikh temple hosts a iftaar party every year since the day it was established in 2012 but this year it is hosting a month long iftaar party during whole Ramadan. The peace loving Sikh community has hosted 30 days long iftaar dinner for the muslim community of the area to come and break their fast. Any member of the community can come to the gurudwara and break his Roza.

A sikh member of the Gurudwara believes that every religion is beautiful and in the last seven years they had only one day iftaar, but this is the “year of tolerance” so they are having 30 days iftaar.

The beauty of this place is all families and children come here for iftaar. Person of any religion or nationality is allowed to come into the Gurudwara and enjoy the iftaar meal.

There is a sign in the Gurudwara which says that no one can leave the premises with food or water during Ramadan. Anyone is allowed to come inside the kitchen and help the workers cook the iftaar meal. In spite of being iftaar meal, the food cooked here is pure vegetarian, no meat is used in any eatable.

There is area inside the Gurudwara, dedicated to the Muslim where they can gather and offer their Namaz to their almighty. If this is not the perfect place on earth then what is?

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