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This Guy Pleads Not To Misjudge Every Man As A Rapist


This Guy Pleads Not To Misjudge Every Man As A Rapist

The world has come to an era where it’s too difficult for females to survive and live safely without becoming a victim of any rape or molestation. At the same time, there is no denying the fact that number of rape cases keep on increasing by time significantly. Quite obviously, on account of the rape stats which is growing greater than ever, a natural hatred and scornful feeling has emerged in the mind of every girl that all the boys look at her with a view to molest and physically abuse her.

But this video presents a bitter truth that all men are not rapists and don’t possess such intentions. It clearly shows his urge as well as helplessness in relation to the matter and through the video, requests people not to think of just any and every boy with this prejudice in your mind.

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